What To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It!

Lately, I'v been bombarded countless number of times with emails from my regular readers and subscribers asking me what to sell on ebay and where to get it.!

Today, after much pondering... i'v decided to write up a dedicated post unveiling this wholesale list i compiled together as years went by- this list i'v been consistently using to make a living on a regular basis whilst i make money on eBay.

For a misely £19.97 only, you'll be able to use this same list that has helped me live a very comfortable lifestyle in the last couple of years. I really hate to pass on this little fee to you- my regular readers but to cover cost incured for research, time and effort in searching and compiling this powerful wholesale list of sites to contact.

This list has done a great deal for me and i'm confident it would make you money on ebay when used the right way. This is not a list that has been purchased from elsewhere, it's one i'v personally compiled myself over the years till now.

Just a single contact from this list is enough to make a good living from...talkless from the entire list you'll be getting.

I have been fortunate enough to quit my full time job to focus on my ebay business full time ..and the reward so far has been great as i can never look back again to a full time employment. Below are recent screen shots from my recent delivery of Iphone 3G stocks for my ebay business...

What To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It picture

This is another screen shot from the Xbox 360 stocks... click to enlarge

What To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It image
More Ipod touch stocks...

What To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It ImageAnd ...more PSP stocks...

What To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It Picture
Then ...more stocks of Iphone (white)...click to enlarge.

What To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It Pics
The information i will provide you with can make you lots of money even beyond your wildest dreams...information you never thought existed... information that has done it for me and will do it for you too.

I'ts quiet simple...

it's all about knowing the right place to get the goods dirt cheap and you resell to make enormous profits.
From the information I provide you with you can make MEGA MONEY and find yourself generating equivalent to a full time wage if utilised correctly....NO JOKE!

Thousands of powersellers out there making obscene amount of money on ebay, and i'm confident that the supplier list you're getting will do the same for you with the least minimal effort!

I don't know what your financial situation is right now...you may be needing extra money to clear some bills, buy a new car, pay for tuition fees, pay your mortgage, replace your 9-5 job or go on holidays... if used appropriately, this list is guranteed to bring home the bacon and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

There are lots of people selling information products like this at the moment but they often only provide one wholesaler link which they have found from google, yahoo and bing. The list you'll be getting don't advertise, you wont easily find listed on any search engines and are genuine profit makers!!!

It's a list that contains over 650 different suppliers of....
  • Where to buy wholesale
  • Cheap wholesale products
  • Furniture liquidation sale
  • Wholesale product suppliers
  • Where to buy to sell on ebay
  • Dropship wholesale products
  • Dropship wholesale products
  • Wholesale packaging supplies
  • Mobile or cell phone wholesaler
  • Government liquidation auction
  • Where to buy wholesale products
  • Wholesale electronic distributors
  • Mobile phone accessories wholesale
  • Sunglasses Wholesale Distributors and bulk sunglasses
  • What to sell on ebay and where to get it

The list is just endless and you'll be in for a pleasant surprise...

Mobile phones.. games consoles, accessories, IPOD's etc are always top sellers on Ebay and highly in demand so why not let me show you how to get your share of that profit!!

How to know what To Sell On Ebay And Where To Get It!
How i go about this is... first i find out what products are in demand on ebay by checking out items with "bid frenzy" like over 10 people bidding for a particular item. I then search for more of those similar items (with bid frenzy) ...that instantly tells me that...

..there is more demand than supply..

this is good because buyers are desperate for the products.

I simply contact my suppliers to send me a little quantity to test the market. If these test quantities are old within days of listing them online then it's a go.. go for me.

That process is what i used to use when i got started on ebay but with the advancement of modern day technology things are much faster now- you cannot be researching a product for too long while your competitors are already listing their products and reaping all the profits. To keep up i simply signed up with terapeak.

They tell me:
  • What products has been in trend for the last 12 months..
  • What products are currently in trend that are selling like hot dogs on ebay..
  • And, what products they predict will be the next big hit on ebay.. ( with 95% success rate)
After i get all these information, i simply position myself by riding on the current trend. This way i know and i'm confident that...
  • The wholesale products i buy into will definitly sell out and make me huge profits guranteed..within a short space of time..
  • My loss margins are at a minimal or non existent at all..
I'm always ahead of the game as i list profitable items before my competitors even blink their eyes. This is how i know what to sell on ebay and where to get it!

The list you're getting will enable you get wholesale & dropship products dirt cheap like...
  • PSP
  • Laptops
  • Gift sets
  • Perfumes
  • Ipod nano
  • Ipod touch
  • Sunglasses
  • Brand name jeans
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Iphone 3G, 8 & 16Gb
  • Nintendo wii & games
  • Brand name clothing range
  • Top of the range Nokia phones
  • GPS satellite navigation- tom tom.. etc....

...The lists are endless....

My nephew attained ebay powerseller status within three months whilst using this same contacts i'm giving out to you... he sold over 370 Playstation 3 consoles....you work out the maths.

To avoid market saturation i'v decided to limit the amount to the first 100 people on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions do not hesitate to drop me a few lines here...i won't bite :)

How to send payments
Payments can be made using paypal, or any major credit cards. If you're based in the UK cheques (cleared funds) and bank transfers could be used as well. Using paypal, as soon as your payment is approved, you'll be directed to the wholesale lists automatically. If you encounter any problems do contact me ASAP.

Now you know what to sell on ebay and where to get it!

All the best!

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