How To Sell Stuff On Ebay- What Stuff Not To Sell On Ebay

How To Sell Stuff On Ebay: What Stuff Not To Sell On Ebay

In continuation from the previous post on "how to sell stuff on ebay" i am going to elaborate on things to avoid selling if you want to make real money on ebay. Realistically, not everything sells on ebay if you don't want to waste your time, money and effort selling it would be wise to pay attention to these lists.

Extremely Large Bulky And Heavy Items
Are you already concidering selling furnitures, pianos, wardrobes (ready made), plants and machinery? Unless you have previous experience trading these items, shipping and delivering them, it would be best to always start with smaller, easy to package and ship items.

Transporting these large items could be a major operation where cost involved is just not worth it at all. This is not how to sell stuff on ebay.

Secondly, items of such magnitude tend to sell less than mid priced items as they won't attract the same type of impulse buyers as average priced items would.

After you've had sufficient experience and exposure, you could attempt dealing in these items after adequate research has been done to analyse the various costs and expenses involved and determined your profit margin.

Extremely Difficult Fragile Products To Transport
Don't get me wrong, i'm not suggesting these items are a to sell. Lots of ebay sellers are making good money selling these items. It's just not adviceable starting out with these kinds of items as shipping risk is enormous, hence, higher premiums which could eat into your profits.

Also, with these sort of items negative feedbacks tends to be more prevailent as items could arrive at the buyer's door broken and damaged and you can be rest assured the buyer's not going to be a happy bunny. And any negative feedback you receive at this stage could be detrimental to your ebay future career.

Selling Similar Items that Other Sellers Are Selling
Especially products that are not selling at all. A number of ebay sellers assume the best way starting out on ebay is to start selling the product everyone else is selling on ebay. Items like mobile phones, Ipods and other similar electronic gadgets seems to fall into this category.But what new ebayers do not understand is that the old sellers of these electronic gadgets are more well established sellers hence, trusted and more familiar to buyers than the new sellers. Also more established ebayers are able to buy wholesale stock in larger bulks than new ebayers so their prices will be much lower. Thus it will almost certainly be more difficult for new sellers to make a profit in a market that is already well supplied, this is not how to sell stuff on ebay!

Products You Love That Nobody Else likes
We can't all share similar hobbies therefore hobbies can be a great means of making loads of money if there are plenty of other people into them too. When you find a product you think is the next big thing, only to discover that not everyone shares in your interest. It then becomes a big struggle trying to educate people on the benefits of the products, you then find out that irrespective of how good the product is trying to make money from a trend is kinda impossible. You would need magazines, television campaigns, radios, newspapers and so on to do the job for you...and trust me these don't come cheap though.

Selliing Products Under Ten Dollars ($10)
Don't we all love good bargains? Yes we all do!...but products that sell for under ten dollars have one big issue though. Shipping costs! you see, in most cases the cost of shipping the products would be much more than the price of the item being sold and this would normally be a big turn off to buyers. Take for instance, the product costs $5.50 and shipping cost is $7.50, the total cost for the product becomes $13.00. If the buyer can purchase the product at a local convenient store within the neighbourhood for $10.00, then this becomes a much better deal for the buyer.

The best way to get round this would be to group the items together, for instance, 4 multi -coloured T shirts, or 6 golf-balls or 3 tea towels. This is how to sell stuff on ebay.

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