How To Sell Stuff On eBay

This article series is going to consist of two parts. Part one shall be trashing out the basis of selling stuff on eBay for beginners. While the second series shall go into more details of how to sell stuff on ebay and what not to sell to make real money- advanced part two. Knowing how, where, when and what to sell on ebay is all you need to be successful on ebay... without further adeu lets begin.. shall we?....

Register On Ebay Website:
To start selling on eBay, you will need to open your seller account with eBay. Simply click on the "Register" above or beneath as shown below to begin. You will need a credit or debit card for verification purposes, you will need to decide on how to pay up your listing fees, then follow the instructions accordingly..

how to sell stuff on ebay
Upon completion of your registration and verification, you'll need to decide on what listings you intend putting out there for your customers. Do bare in mind that not every item is sellable on ebay. Extreme caution should be taken when deciding on things to list on ebay. Items like cigarettes, copy righted materials such as music or films burnt onto a cd or dvd are disallowed due to copyright infringement. Other items include flight tickets, credit cards, animals and wildlife products, fire arms and ammunition.... the lists is endless. Take time to read eBay's policies and rules here: before you start.

Research & Preparations
In order to enable you obtain a good listing and get the right price for your listed items, adequate research is needed especially when deciding on starting price, listing category and formats for your items. Analize your items with completed listings and active listings based on selling price, formats, shipping costs and categories. Selecting the category option that best explains your item assist potential buyers find your listings. To get the category that best fits your item:

  • Browse which categories your competitors use for items similar to yours.
  • Select the category you've used previously.
  • Choose a category as you list your item.
Be accurate when selecting your listing category as ebay might re-list your item if it appears in the wrong category. Also, your potential buyers feel more compelled to bid and purchase when shipping cost are displayed before hand.
Measure, package and weigh your products to enable you utilise calculated shipping. Visit the ebay shipping center to get more information:

Listing your items on ebay
Click the sell tab at the top of ebay's website.
how to sell stuff on ebay

Whilst you're on the sell page, click the start selling button

how to sell stuff on ebay image

After signing in you will now be in the sell your item form

how to sell stuff on ebay image
Then you will need to select a category through either browsing or searching. Always select the category most relevant to your products to enable potential buyers find your listings easily.

Finally, to ensure maximum exposure and encourage potential bidders and buyers to purchase your items, always ensure:
  • you assist buyers find your listing easily with a clear, complete and descriptive title that best describes item listed. This may also include the brand, name, size etc. Do also add subtitles that best describes your items and enable search engines understand your listings.
  • By adding additional item details, it enables buyers find your items and reveals the present condition or true state of the item.
  • If you are new to selling on eBay and want to make money on eBay, there are a few things you should learn before listing any items for sale. You will want to analyze eBay market research.

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